Brightside Produce

BrightSide Produce is committed to increasing access to healthy food options in underserved communities through produce deliveries, while reducing food waste and strengthening the local food system in San Diego County.

BrightSide Produce’s vision is for everyone in San Diego County to have access to fresh affordable produce.

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The Problem

food waste reduction

Our Solution


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BrightSide Produce has developed and implemented a distribution model that addresses distribution challenges, increasing access to affordable fresh produce in underserved communities.

BrightSide Produce is a full-service produce distributor that is able to serve small stores by giving stores the flexibility to buy the varieties and quantities that are appropriate for the stores at low prices, without minimum order requirements.

weekly produce deliveries
accessible locations
affordable pricing

zero food waste

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BrightSide Produce is a social venture and all of our profits fund our efforts to tackle food insecurity in San Diego communities. Your donation will help grow our efforts and service more stores with fresh produce. Any amount will help and is very much appreciated.

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